I’m Crazy About Guerlain’s Crazy Paris Crazy Pearls!

Is it just me, or does crazy not even look like a word once you’ve typed it three times?
Anyway, I had a little bit of extra overtime pay this month from Christmas, so after falling in love with the Crazy Paris Christmas range in general upon a pre-Christmas shopping trip to Leicester, I knew I was going to have to relinquish all self control and treat myself to what, in my opinion, is one of the standout products from this range – Crazy Pearls.

At the moment, the blogosphere is awash with reviews of Guerlain’s S/S incarnation of this product, which admittedly is pretty, but the A/W version is just so much more me, and you can still get hold of it! (Yes, it isn’t sold out everywhere! I got mine from an amazing website called Slapiton which is based in, and has an actual shop in Nottingham!

So lets take a look…

I am such a sucker for packaging. Seriously. Anything that looks sleek and expensive from the very moment it lands in your hands automatically gets my heart racing and I can’t wait to try it out. I must have a problem… Anyway, the Guerlain packaging is a glossy black with gold embossing, which automatically looks luxe. I also like the touch of the little embossed pearls on the packaging, which gives you a kind of idea of the tones inside!

I’m sorry, but how gorgeous is this? The neon on black decoration on the “Champs Elysee” and the mandala style engraving on the lid is so eyecatching, and it looks so damn cute on my dressing table in my (very monochrome) bedroom. I will be keeping this tin once I’m done with the product, no idea yet what I’ll use it for, I was thinking maybe it would be nice to pop a candle in (in a little glass jar of course so the tin doesn’t melt, because that would just be depressing). I’ll let you know what I do with it! As my first foray into Guerlain, I was, thus far, pretty impressed. I was seriously hoping that this wasn’t just a substandard product in a very expensive pot…

I really needn’t have worried. The pearls are a mix of bright pink, lavender, gold-beige, and champagne, and they give off a lovely rose-tinted powder which is lightly scented. I would post a swatch, but unfortunately the effects don’t show up so well on the back of my arm! It gives you a lovely, subtle glow, and I think the choice of colours is perfect for perking up winter-tired skin. Crazy Pearls are a really luxurious product, and it literally makes you look like you’ve been in perfect lighting all day. Even my boyfriend (who has recently taken a pretty disturbing interest in my cosmetic habits) noticed a difference when I wore it out for dinner with him. Be warned though, this is far from a matte powder, and the luminosity is given by the little sparkles interspersed through the powder. Although it isn’t too much for day, it does show up on the skin, so glitter-haters, this might not be the product for you! I imagine it would look particularly stunning on black skin with its rosy tones and hint of sparkle!

So in short, is this a product I couldn’t live without? Probably not, but I do like it very much, and it is a fantastic little payday indulgence that I am definitely going to use up. Plus, the little tin (here we go with my packaging obsession again) makes it a product that keeps on giving, and looks exceptionally fancy on your dressing table!

Did you get any of the Crazy Paris range? What did you think?
Love always,
Pebblebee xoxo


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