My Top 5 New Years Beauty Resolutions!

So, 2014 is finally here. This is the year that I will pass my BPTC, commence the hunt for pupillage and then all being well become a high-flying superwoman of the legal world! But before all that, lets start as we mean to go on. What’s that old proverb again? A tidy person has a clean mind? Or something like that…

Anyway, without further ado, lets kick off my resolutions (and this way, you guys can tell me off if I trip up!)

1. Treat Your Skin Better.
It’s the biggest organ in all of our bodies, and for some reason we subject it to the most abuse out of any other. Sunbathing and sunbeds, sleeping in your makeup, pollution from the city air, those times you drop your straighteners/curling tongs and for some reason decide it would be an excellent idea to catch them mid-plummet… Our poor skin goes through a lot! This year, I’m promising myself that I will stave off fine lines and wrinkles, I will minimise my pores, I will moisturise my cuticles, and those unfortunate dry patches on my knees and elbows. I’ll apply eye cream, day cream and night cream to give my skin the big drink it deserves, and with my trusty Clarisonic, I will make sure that I never sleep in my makeup again (come on, we’ve all done it). I need to look into more face products with SPF, and I’m also going to set aside a day a week where I do a face mask. Also, oh my god, Steam Cream is a skin saviour in a tin – it moisturises EVERYTHING that could possibly need moisturising. I have no idea if this will last, or if its even possible to pack all this on top of my already fastidious skincare routine, but I WILL TRY! (cue fanfare).

Drink More Water.
I admit it, world. I am completely addicted to coke. No, not that kind! I mean Coca Cola, it seems to be the only thing that gets me moving in the mornings, and freshens me up after a meal. But, knowing that my early morning buzz is caffeine, and the fresh feeling is actually layers of my teeth dissolving, it really can’t be doing my sensitive teeth any good! My boyfriend did an experiment at work (he’s an accountant who clearly has too much time on his hands!) by putting a large lollipop in a glass of coke. Within half a hour, it had completely dissolved. I have to say, that scares me a bit, so naturally I’m going to cut down. Everyone always harps on about the health benefits of water, but I really hate the taste. I mean, REALLY hate the taste. And yes, water does have a taste! So, lately I’ve been picking up a glass of flavoured water instead. I know it isn’t really THAT much better than coke, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere!

Take More Makeup Risks.
I like to think I’m pretty daring with my makeup as it is, but watching RuPaul’s Drag Race (of all things) has given me an extra little bit of self confidence. Can I wear that green lipstick? OF COURSE I CAN. Can I mix shades to create a striking eye look? Damn right! Of course it might not be for everyday wear, but just look at Shrinkle, Queen Of Blending, Doe Deere, and Hayley Fell for inspiration – these ladies WORK colour like nobody else. It won’t be long before I’m straying away from my faciform (face uniform) of kitty-flick eyeliner and red lipstick.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes.
I have a huge and gorgeous stash of makeup brushes courtesy of everyone from Real Techniques, MAC and Illamasqua to Sigma and Crown Brush, and shamefully, sometimes I let them get pretty grotty looking before they get a good spring cleaning. It is so, so important to clean brushes, otherwise you are literally pressing bacteria into your skin every time you blend! I’m going to invest in a professional makeup brush cleanser, as my BeautySoClean one has now run out, and took quite a lot of product to make any difference. Any recommendations? Let me know!

Take Pride In Your Appearance.
Yesterday for my first day back at uni, I rolled out of bed after oversleeping (as per usual), straight into a dress, jacket and heels combo that instantly made me look “done” before I had so much as brushed my birds nest of hair. I had gone through my wardrobes the night before, picked out what I was going to wear, asked the boyfriends opinion (because he is actually quite good at this sort of stuff), and hung it up ready for morning. Despite very little sleep and a rude awakening by my alarm proclaiming “YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE”, I felt fabulous all day. Last night, I put out a red, white and dark grey smudgy leopard print dress, tights and shoes, and I was ready in record time yet again. I’m trying it again tonight to make sure it isn’t a fluke (for those of you who want to know, tomorrows ensemble is a black wool pinafore dress with a white shirt with a bejewelled collar underneath, with black tights and tiny heels). We’ll see how that one goes, and more likely, how long it lasts!

So far I have stuck to all of these resolutions, and I’m actually liking this new, organised way of going about my little routines. I don’t know if I’ll keep to them, only time will tell. But I can tell you already that Steam Cream and I are new best friends!


3 thoughts on “My Top 5 New Years Beauty Resolutions!

  1. That’s a lot of skincare resolutions! Good luck!
    One thing I’m doing this year is to set a timer to go off every hour – when I hear it, I drink a glass of water, and then apply hand cream and lip balm for a moisture boost. I’m on Day 3 and it’s working, so far! Also, I dislike the taste of filtered water, so I only drink from the tap (with a glass, though, I’m not a cat!) – have you tried filtering/non filtering/drinking mineral water? They all taste different to me…
    Love the “faciform”!
    …You know what? We’re just the same person. I’m doing all these too! 😛

    • I have tried everything – I just really hate the taste! How weird is that! That sounds like such a good idea! Though knowing me I’d forget to turn my sound off and my alert would go off in a lecture. It sounds like such a lot but I’m so paranoid about aging haha – I’m definitely going to grow old disgracefully! I don’t think there’s a word in existence yet that describes it better than “faciform” :’).

      We must be kindred spirits, they say great minds think alike! Thanks again for reading! I hope your resolutions keep going well! x

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