They See Me Haulin’… Part One!

SO. I know I said I was going to cut back a bit but… Yep, that didn’t work!
It’s ok though, not all of it is for me! I hate to break out the “C” word so early, but due to
living with my disabled mum and the abject nightmare that is Christmas shopping in the crowds with a wheelchair in tow, I’ve become accustomed to getting it started anytime from August (yep, that’s right. August).

So I’ve been doing a little cheeky hauling, although to be fair, my boots purchases for myself were paid for with giftcards Mum gives me, so it wasn’t TOO naughty! So, I hope you’re sitting comfortably, because here we go…

Online Shopping Shenanigans with FeelUnique!
I was actually quite reserved with my online shopping this time (although as payday has just arrived, I may have made a cheeky Illamasqua and Chinaglaze order…), and only ordered stuff I needed!


This little lovely is the Beautysoclean Chocolate is a Girls Best Friend brush cleanser – I’ve been using hand soap to clean my brushes previous to this, which, although the germ-killing aspect is great, I can’t imagine it does the brush fibres any good! I have a mixture of gorgeous brushes, ranging from MAC, to Urban Decay, to Real Techniques and Sigma, and I really want to take care of them. This stuff claims to condition the bristles as well as thoroughly clean, and although I haven’t had chance to use it yet, I can confirm that it smells GORGEOUS. I’ll definitely be reviewing once it has been put to use. You can get it here, as it’s a bit of a pain to find on the site itself! It retails at £6.50 and the delivery is free, which is awesome!


This stuff. This stuff is a repurchase and I can’t even begin to exalt it enough. This comes from the same range as the serum in my last post, and is basically a texturising spray to give flat hair a bit of oomph. I have really thick hair, and lots of it, and due to the fact I keep it short/mid length and the weight of it, I sometimes get serious pancake-head. You apply this like dry shampoo through layers of your hair, and it gives you tonnes of textured body with no crispy residue. I love it for a sort of Alexa Chung-esque, just rolled out of bed wavy style, really can’t recommend it enough. It’s the first product of its kind I’ve used that’s not made my hair feel greasy, or weighed down with product, and you can get it by following this link! It is £10.95, and you can get it cheaper on Amazon, but as they charge for delivery it works out about the same. So worth it though.

Then Came Boots…
I’m lucky enough to have a very generous mum who gives me any giftcards she has lying around, and the total soon mounts up, although I do look a bit awkward standing at a till pulling out 8 or 9 giftcards with varying amounts on them! This also helps me get extra points on my advantage card which I like to use for gifts near Christmas (there we go, there’s the C word again!). So basically, I spend a lot of time in Boots! Here’s what I got on my last jaunt..


I whooped at a rather alarming pitch when these caught my eye! My last fibreglass extension set had begun to ping off and look somewhat ratty, so in a bid to save money, I decided that when my nails got to a decent length, I’d just buy a couple funky bits and bobs to stick on and do my own! But then, then I saw these babies. They’re just stick ons, but the shape of them is so natural you’d never guess, looking at them. These are the “Geek Chic” set, but due to the fact I have no self control, I bought another set. Unfortunately I got them home and couldn’t wait to put them on, so I soaked off my fibreglass ones, and here is a photo of how they look on my actual fingers…


These are called “Polka Dot It”, and I am in love. 3D nails are my biggest obsession at the moment and I can’t stop staring at my fingers. I also have freakishly narrow nails, so the fact that the nails come in sizes to fit even my skinny fingers was a pleasant surprise. There’s a whole range of them available, these are just the two that caught my eye first, but I will definitely be trying the rest! They’re part of a collaboration between Elegant Touch and House of Holland, and you can take a peek at the whole range riiiight here. I really hope they’re not limited edition because I LOVELOVELOVE all of them and might cry if they’re discontinued.

Also from Boots, because my nails are more than likely going to be in terrible condition after all these falsies, I decided to take a pre-emptive strike and purchase this…


Not the most exciting thing to purchase, but hey, my natural nails (if they’ve grown to a nice length) are going to need all the help they can get, and if this does what it says on the tin, then I’ll be a happy girl. This stuff varies in price, and you can get it from most good drugstores/cosmetics stores/supermarket beauty sections. I just picked it up in Boots as I was there at the time!


You will have noticed my previous post about my never ending adoration for mint green, and I have spent SO long looking for a perfect pastel green with a creamy formula that doesn’t break the bank quite as much as Illamasqua’s cult shade “Milf”. Ladies, and gentlemen (makeup should be universal and there’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing a guy wearing perfectly blended foundation, with groomed brows and a good manicure), I have found it. Minty perfection comes in the form of Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple”. As if the name wasn’t cute enough, Essie’s squat, little glass bottles always make me happy, and I know I love the formula, having bought a few other shades of theirs before (including two of my all time favourites – Chinchilly and Leading Lady). Really looking forward to using this, and even though I know it’s not an autumnal colour, I can layer glitter or feather effect varnish over it, or even some black “nail suede” in a dip dye effect.. I feel some creativity coming on! You can buy Essie at most larger Boots stores or online


Speaking of getting creative, I came across this as well. Yes, I know, it’s mint green again, but JUST LOOK AT THE CUTE. LOOK AT IT. Little pearls, diamantés and bows. How could I resist that? On the days I just want to feel girly and put a pretty dress and heels on this sort of thing just makes me so happy it’s untrue.

This is turning out to be a REALLY long post, so I’m going to spare your poor eyes and split it into two! Next comes TK Maxx.. I should really have a restraining order to stop me going in that place…

See you in Part 2, blogosphere!

All my love,
Pebblebee xoxo


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