Lush Emotional Brilliance – Review

Yes, I finally caved in! After walking past the Nottingham branch of Lush regularly and every time drooling through the window at the various beautiful bits and bobs and basking in the scent that wafts all the way down Clumber Street, I gave up all self control and went in.

I’ve been intrigued about the Emotional Brilliance products for some time, especially after Asha from the Oxford Owl – I didn’t really know what it was about, but as I was hovering around the display looking confused, the lovely Kyle came to my rescue – it turns out that the theory behind the range is that you go to the colour wheel, close your eyes, open them, and the first three colours that leap out at you are your emotional colours. You flip over the coloured discs, and it gives you the name of each colour.

Here’s what I wound up with…

(Left to right : motivation, passionate, strong)

First things first, how cute are those bottles! I love the fact that they come with a little tag with the name of the shade, it kind of reminds me of the “Eat Me, Drink Me” labels in Alice in Wonderland! Let’s go down the rabbit hole…

Firstly we have Motivation, which looks like a shimmery green/blue in the bottle, but swatches to a shimmery teal shade which is incredibly flattering on blue, green or grey eyes. This bottle comes with a thin brush, like an eyeliner brush, however, all of these products are multi-use and can be used however you want – if you ask at the counter, the lovely staff at Lush will give you extra applicators to make their versatility even more easy to take advantage of.

Second, comes Passionate. This is a blue-based pink in the bottle, with veins of a blue/purple shimmer right the way through. It really is a stunning, bright shade, and I couldn’t wait to wear it! This swatches to a hot pink, which retains its blue tones, but the shimmer manifests itself as a glossy effect on the lips. This comes with a standard doe-foot applicator, but, again, you can ask for extra applicators! This is essentially a liquid lipstick, and I love the formula, which is thick and creamy.

Finally, I couldn’t resist Strong, which appears like an orange-toned red in the bottle, but swatched is a bright tangerine shade. This, like Passionate, is intended to be a liquid lipstick, but I have used it as a blush too – blending quickly is the key, as they stain very quickly, and a little goes a long way. I’m looking forward to using Strong and Passionate for a two-tone lip look! This is a brave colour, and it makes me feel like I could take on the world when I wear it (which is what I believe makeup should do) and has the same lovely creamy formula as Passionate.

Here are the shades swatched…


How pigmented are they?! I wasn’t expecting them to be half as bright as in the bottle but I adore them – my only qualm is they ARE a little pricey but hey, they’re a great payday treat!

Do you have any of this range? What’s your emotional brilliance?

Stay beautiful, blogosphere!

Pebblebee xoxo


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