August Favourites!

This month has been quite reserved for me, really! Between working almost every hour I get and achieving a placement as a volunteer Gateway Assessor at my local Citizens Advice Bureau, I -shock horror- actually haven’t had all that much time to shop! Great for my bank balance, not so great for my mood.

I have however managed to pop into town a couple of times in order to do my girlfriendly duty and pick up my boyfriends mum a birthday gift, and one for his grandpa too (he has WAY more family than I do, so September is an expensive month!). Of course, as I have literally no self control, I came back with a couple of cheeky purchases which I will review here, as well as some old favourites that have found their way into my rotation…

1. La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution for Sensitive Skin

I know, I know, I jumped on the bandwagon, but there is something about Micellar water that intrigues me. Is it the name that makes it sound like something out of Harry Potter or the claims that it literally does wonders for your skin? God knows. But I thought I’d give it a go, and I do like it. It melts makeup away in seconds, and as I knew I would be using it around my eyes, I picked up the sensitive version which I’m very glad I did. Being a contact lens wearer a lot of makeup remover type formulas sting horrifically once they get anywhere near my eyes, but this was fine. This retails for £11.50 here, and although I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried Micellar solutions before, there really isn’t a great difference between this and my Clarins eye makeup remover for how well it melts away the incredible amount of makeup I pack onto my eyes on a day-to-day basis. As a facial makeup remover though, it isn’t as oily as some, which was nice. At the moment I’m plumping for this over my Clarins for the remainder of the hot days, when my skin feels the need for refreshing rather than the lovely, moisturising TLC that Clarins does so well. It’s literally a matter of preference!

2. Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Morning After Dry Shampoo

Woah, that name is actually a bit of a mouthful. What is it with beauty products and unnecessarily long names? ANYWAY that aside, I fupping love this stuff. Seriously. This love affair started when I ran out of my old faithful, Batiste Cherry, and asked my mum if she’d pick me some more dry shampoo up when she popped to the local retail park. My hair has a sort of love-hate thing going on in the summer, it doesn’t frizz, but my fringe gets greasy literally the day after I wash it, and aside from the whole worry about stripping all the natural good oils out of my hair, I’m lazy as hell and would rather have an extra 10 minutes in bed than getting up and washing my fringe (under the sink tap, which is the most awkward thing ever). She came home with this little marvel, and although I was skeptical at first having never tried any other dry shampoo but Batiste, oh my god, she chose well. Firstly, the smell of this is fantastic, it’s floral and fruity all at the same time and smells quite sophisticated for a dry shampoo! Secondly, NO WHITE/GREY RESIDUE! HALLELUJAH! Thirdly, this actually made my hair look as if I’d just washed it, as well as giving it some serious volume and oomph, and it stayed swishy all day rather than going claggy and sweaty after half a hour at work! Seriously, get some. It retails here at £5.61, which is a fair bit more expensive than Batiste, but I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

3. TIGI Glaze Haze Serum

This stuff is great – and having gotten caught up in the hair oil hype this little beauty fell by the wayside somewhat until recently. I apologise for the lack of lid in most of these photos – I have a really horrific habit of losing caps! This is basically a serum that smells exactly like icing, which you apply sparingly to wet hair, comb through, then blow dry in. Frizz doesn’t exist after using this (not that I get bad frizz anyway, but my mum does and uses this too!), and my hair is incredibly shiny and smells lush. I got this off Amazon ages ago, but I can’t remember the seller! You should be able to get it for around a fiver a pop, which isn’t bad considering a little goes a long way, and the RRP is around £13!

4. Garnier Ultimate Body Oil

As I mentioned before, I bought into the oil hype massively! My skin is literally desert dry the vast majority of the time which sucks, and I get stress-eczema behind my knees and in the crook of my arm, which can get really uncomfortable. My prayers have been answered with this beauty, it moisturises deeply without leaving you greasy, and soaks in so quick you can get dressed within minutes of applying, although I prefer to apply mine at night. It doesn’t aggravate my eczema and smells gorgeous, I can’t exactly place the scent but it reminds me of being on holiday, which is always nice. I’ve been using this on my hip tattoo as well, as I’m a firm believer of “the more you moisturise your tattoo after its healed, the longer it will stay nice”. I took this on holiday and it even soothed sunburn. The label says it contains 4 different oils – Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rse, and there are hints of almond and rose in the scent, which I can imagine a lot of people will find appealing. You can pick it up here where it’s currently on offer, reduced from £7.99 to £5.35 – I’ve already stocked up!

Steam Cream Original (Buttons)

I actually bought this on a whim, having ummed and ahhed over it for a good couple of months. I don’t regret a thing, and it is well worth the hype. Although it is marketed as a moisturiser, I have been using it for EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. Visiting my grandma in Skegness, I took both our dogs for a walk on the beach, and managed to get my leg wrapped in Hurleys extendable lead. Most of it is made out of wire, which left me with a nasty-ass wire burn across my calf. Luckily I’d brought my Steam Cream with me (it never leaves my bag now), popped some on when I got back to the house, and it soothed the burn instantly. Combined with this, I’ve used it as a day cream, a lotion to combat my stress eczema, and a cuticle cream to keep my nailbeds and cuticles in nice condition following a couple of fibreglass nail extension appointments! It is wonder balm and can be used for ANYTHING, even a foot mask! And how cute is that tin? It costs £12.95, and I got mine from John Lewis, however, I’ve seen them stocked in Topshop, Urban Outfitters, and online too!

So that’s it for another post – have you tried any of my August favourites and what are you loving and loathing right now? Let me know!


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