You Got Mail!


I woke up to a lovely delivery from Debenhams this morning, which I ordered two days ago (quick delivery, 10/10 in my book!). I noticed they had a sale on, so, me being me, I checked out the beauty section.

I was really really happy to see that Illamasqua was included in the sale because I think its even overtaking MAC as my favourite makeup brand – I love the ethos they have of accentuating what makes you individual rather than covering it up, and that beauty is ageless. I was even more over the moon to see that the Alter Ego Mystery Box was on sale, down from just under £40 to £19! You get what is essentially a grown up lucky bag – you get told what two of the items are on the box – with the Alter Ego box you get a liquid metal pot in Electrum which is a really sexy creamy gold pigment, and a nail varnish in Collide with is a thick, creamy neon pink (which I already own but would repurchase in a second). You also get 4 mystery products – and it’s worth mentioning that ALL products are full size, making this box worth £91.50 altogether (and I got it for £19, WHAAAAT).

Here’s what I got and first impressions, including a couple of swatches (on my face ha, couldn’t wait to try it out!).


Here’s the full selection – are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin!

This little beauty is called Fierce, and fierce it is! It’s a ultra-sheeny dark purple and one for a night out, I don’t think even I, with my tendency towards mega brights and bold dark shades, would be brave enough to wear this in the day! It’s one of the Intense lipglosses that Illamasqua offers, and already owning Belladonna, I know I’ll love the formula! It’s kind of like Rimmel’s Apocalips, but way more enduring!


This lipstick is called “Drench” and is a muted, raspberry red with pinkish undertones. As I suit more blue-based reds, I wasn’t sure whether I would suit this shade, but after having put it on, I was pleasantly surprised! Like most Illamasqua lipsticks, this shade is matte and is a very “hard” lipstick to apply, I know a lot of people find them quite drying but as long as you keep your lips in good condition you shouldn’t have any issues! I swear by using Lush lip scrub in Mint Julips or Popcorn, followed by my trusty Burts Bees lip balm before application, it ensures a nice smooth finish with no collecting on dry bits!


When I first set eyes on this blusher, I thought “oh no”, I’m not gonna lie. My skin is notoriously bad for brown shades as I tan differently to most people, so I tend to look orange/muddy when I apply fake tan/bronzer/contouring blush – the most brown I can get away with is on my eyes! But I though “hey, that’s fine, lets give it a go”, and having never used an Illamasqua blush before, I can tell you USE A LIGHT HAND! I looked like a clown first time round and had to take it off! Once I’d applied it properly however, I was impressed. The finely milled powder blends really well, meaning you can build it up or tone it down depending on your skin tone and preference. It works really well for contouring, and brings out my post-holiday freckles! It’s also what I’m wearing in the face picture, along with a pop of Nars Orgasm on the apples of my cheeks and Benefit’s Watts Up on my cheekbones. It’s called Create, and being creative with your application is what this product is made for.


Here’s the liquid metal! It’s called Electrum and is SO PRETTY! It swatches to a kind of antiquated gold, and the texture is nice and creamy. I have heard reports that these crease badly, so when I use it I think I’ll give it a try over my Naked palette to open up my eyes and with a lot of primer! I think this would also work as a highlighter to give a really pretty ethereal glow!


Bad blogger alert – I can’t actually recall what this is called and can’t be bothered to get up from my sofa to check! What I can tell you is this is a finely milled, mega blendable eyeshadow that is the perfect match for the Illamasqua nail shade “Milf” (take it from me, matching your pinkies to your peepers is set to be the new matchy-matchy trend). I love pastels (it is a lot more pastel than it looks in the pan) and green is one of my favourite colours! Can’t wait to try it out, especially paired with the liquid metal!


And here, dear, sweet blogosphere, is a gratuitous selfie of me wearing the blush in Create, along with Drench. I thought I’d try these two out first, as they were the two I wasn’t convinced would suit me, however, for £3.16 apiece for products that would normally be in double figures, who’s complaining? I think you can still get hold of these on the Debenhams website, along with another box which is devoted to eyes and nails!

What do you think to my mystery box gifts? Would you try any of these for yourselves? And have any of you got any different items in your box? Love ’em or hate ’em, let me know!

This has proved to be a big-ass blog post, so I’m going to be kind to my poor fingers and your poor eyes and do a separate “First Impressions” and “MOTD” post for my new Naked Palette! Stay tuned, and Happy Friday!

Lots of love,
Pebblebee XOXO


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