Urban Decay Naked Skin

Firstly, I know I’ve been AWOL! I apologise greatly – but I’ve been on holiday in the Dominican Republic for the past two weeks – got back yesterday and between jetlag, unpacking and catching up with the world I haven’t really had the energy to blog!

I had an amazing holiday, we stayed at the Riu Merengue Hotel in Bahia Maimon, I’d recommend it highly (even if a waiter did refuse to serve me tequila on account of “the baby”. I’m not pregnant – just clearly need to start Zumba again!).

I couldn’t wait too long to let you all know about the miracle product that I couldn’t have done without on my travels – Urban Decay Naked Skin.

They do a foundation in this range already, however, I hate wearing foundation on holiday with a passion – even with primer on it crawls off my face, and my skin just gets awful. This little beauty is more of a BB cream/tinted moisturiser, with a broad SPF 20 (broad SPF just means that it tackles both UVA and UVB rays, pesky little buggers that they are). This completely eliminates the need to use sunscreen on your face (which I was so happy about as sunscreen breaks me out too – it’s a necessary evil though!) provided you reapply during the day, after you’ve been in the sea and pool and whatnot.

It’s tinted a shade of tan, however, it blended into my mega-pale skin tone really easily and suited me even before I’d got any sun! When I did get some colour, it was even better. It’s also ideal to blend with a little foundation for extra coverage in the evening. It has this really really nice spearmint scent too which is so perfect for a hot day it’s unreal. A trick for you all is to keep it in your minibar fridge – applying it chilled in 30 degree heat is such a nice sensation!

In short, this is now a definite holy grail product.. And I’ve taken the plunge and ordered the Naked 1 eye palette! Too excited for it to arrive.

That’s royally knackered me now anyway so I’m gonna go for a nap!
Laters, ‘taters!
Pebblebee xoxo


One thought on “Urban Decay Naked Skin

  1. Ooh, this sounds lovely! I hope you get on with the Naked Palette too, I’ve barely taken my hands off mine since I got it 😀
    Glad you had an awesome time on holiday 🙂 Can’t wait for mine, just over a month to go!

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