Slightly Belated OOTD

I apologise for how this a bit of a belated OOTD, but Ive been a combination of unwell and working for the past day and a bit! On Monday night I went for pizza with my best one, Katie, as I won’t be seeing her for a month! I’ll be on holiday for two weeks, and when I get back she’s heading off to do an internship with Hallmark! So proud of her.

We went to pizza express somewhere called Giltbrook which is quite close to where I live, and this is what I wore (sorry for the terrible quality photos, I don’t have a mac, a fancy camera or a willing photographer!)


It was scorching hot all day, so the best thing I could think of to wear was this Monsoon Fusion playsuit. I bought it last year – fell in love with it on sight, then realised that not only is it really really pretty, it does good too as a proportion of all sales went to a charity promoting the wellbeing and conservation of honeybees in the UK. I even got a free burts bees lip balm at the till :). It’s a simple design, with blue and yellow honeycombs and the occasional little yellow bee, and it has a halter neck style tie and buttons up the lower back. It’s probably the comfiest thing I’ve ever owned.

As for makeup, here’s what I went for…
(feat. Hurley)


I used Illamasqua Skin Base foundation, coupled with Touche Éclat as a concealer, Nars Orgasm blush and a little bit of MAC Strobe Cream highlighter. My lipstick is Le Sensuelle from the Rouge Velvet range by Chanel – a classic colour that I just keep coming back to. I kept my eyes relatively pared down to how I usually have them with a slick of my beloved Chanel liquid/gel eyeliner, and a single coat of “They’re Real” mascara, from Benefit (no eyeshadow today). I didn’t do much to my hair apart from straighten it and apply some Got2Be Powderful for a bit of oomph at the roots.

Hurley of course, is his naturally gorgeous self!

Hope you’re all enjoying the sun, and please remember which bottle is your sun cream and which is your aftersun (unlike me) so you don’t end up looking like a lobster! Trust me, it isn’t a good look…

Lots of love,
Pebblebee XOXO


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