Graze Box Day!

I’ve been having graze boxes quite regularly for a while now, I love them to bits and upon receiving my box this morning, I decided to start a regular post about what I got in my graze box, and rating each nibble and the box itself! I don’t subscribe to beauty boxes, so I figured this would be the next best thing. (plus I love food as much as I love makeup)

With graze boxes you get the option of twice-weekly, weekly, or fortnightly deliveries (I went for the fortnightly option) and you can delay deliveries if you’re going on holiday – which is handy! Also, the boxes are letterbox sized, which means that you don’t get woken up early to sign for it by a postie, it’s just there as a lovely surprise when you go to collect the mail :).

Without further ado, here’s what I got today!


I got…
– Toffee Apple
– Shangri-La
– Tropical Daiquiri
– British BBQ

Let’s get started!

1. Toffee Apple is basically slices of dried apple with a separate pot of toffee sauce – the beauty of graze treats is that they look really simple BUT are incredibly tasty and really good for you! This for example is only 68 calories but tastes like a really lovely toffee pudding! LOVE this, it’s one of my “starred choices” on the website so they send it regularly. The apple slices are really juicy, and the toffee sauce is really thick and creamy, not watery in the slightest. Anyone who hasn’t tried this probably should!

2. Shangri-La
This is essentially a fruit cocktail that includes lingonberries (which id never tried before), pineapple, almond slices (which contain magnesium) and pumpkin seeds (which contain vitamin E), it’s tropical and lovely, and the sharp fruit is a nice contrast to the creamy almonds! It’s mega healthy, and I love this too!

3. Tropical Daiquiri
This is part of the graze light range, and is only 105 calories (and that’s mainly down to the fruit sugars!). All the snacks in my box this month were under 150 calories which makes me feel significantly less guilty about snacking! It contains green mango, lime raisins and pineapple – I love tropical fruit so this is a definite winner!

4. British BBQ
This is basically a selection of little crostini (basil and rosemary) along with some smoked almonds and seeds. Thanks to the almonds and seeds, it gives your body a vitamin E and magnesium hit, like Shangri-La does. This is part of the graze light range too! I’m not really sure about this one, the crostini are really nice and so are the mini baguettes, but the smoked almonds taste a little TOO smoky in my opinion! Still not bad though, even if it doesn’t have such a variance of taste 🙂

All in all, id rate this box 4/5! It’s included 3 of my favourites, but I was a little bit disappointed with the British BBQ 🙂

Do you have graze boxes? What are your favourite snacks? 🙂

Loads of love,
Pebblebee xoxo


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