Hi guys so this is my first OOTD post!


Probably not the most conventional OOTD but this is my work uniform – and what I’ve been wearing all day! All by Tesco, of course!

I usually work on checkouts, but today I’ve been working on the meat and fish counter – to say I’m a pescitarian I don’t think I do too badly cutting up meat, and I can fillet a fish in about 5 minutes flat :). I am EXHAUSTED today though, been on my feet since one, and by sunday, in the last five days I will have done 53 hours in total! Looking forward to payday now, but looking forward to my holiday more! 🙂 (10 more days to the Dominican republic with the boy!)

Makeup here is relatively usual – bit of Chanel foundation, Nars orgasm blush, Chanel eyeliner, benefit “they’re real” mascara, and my holy grail for “at work makeup” – maxfactor lipfinity! Amazing stuff and lasts ALL day without needing a touch up no matter if you talk as much as I do at work!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely day in the sun while I’ve been stuck indoors with only whole sea bass for company! Oh, and also, please excuse the stupid face I’m pulling, feeling giddy and silly tonight (hence this post)

LOTS OF LOVE, and I’ll get back to posting properly soon, I promise!



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