Barry M Textured Nails

I’ve always remembered Barry M as a mega cheap and cheerful brand that I used to buy kohl eyeliner (that smudged EVERYWHERE) from during my 14 year old goth days, so I’ve been somewhat reluctant to approach their stands of late! However, having heard all the rave reviews about their nail varnishes across the blogging world, and having stumbled upon a three for two offer in superdrug, I decided to give them another shot!

I love interesting textures and finishes on nails, so I picked up two of their Gelly varnishes (in Watermelon and Pomegranate, if you were wondering!) and one of their texture effect, in Atlantic Road (pictured)


Excuse the messy application and the state of my nails! Stress during exams led to me biting them, which I was gutted about given all my hard work! I’ll post a picture of my nails from before exams in my illamasqua speckled nails review! They were actually nice!

Atlantic road is a concrete effect nail varnish, which goes on opaque after two coats which I love (maximum colour and minimal drying time!). It’s beautifully pigmented and the most lovely shade of blue – reminds me of Caribbean seas and blue skies!

The two nail varnishes that I got from the Gelly range are just as opaque and so hi-shine it hurts! Crazy amounts of pigment and mega mega shiny. The colour payoff is excellent, but I have to say out of the two pomegranate is my favourite! It’s a bright pink which is perfect for summer! Watermelon is a dark green which I picked as basically I have nothing like it already! It’s a lovely deep shade but I feel like it’d look even better with a bit of nail art over the top.

Have you got any standout Barry M products? I’ll definitely be going back to pick up more Gelly polishes!

Love always,

Pebblebee xo


5 thoughts on “Barry M Textured Nails

    • Oh my! Thankyou so much, that’s lovely! You absolute sweetheart 🙂 I’ll be sure to fill it in tomorrow! (it’s 23:45 where I am and I have to be up at 6:45am! Working in a supermarket sucks sometimes!). Thankyou so much, it means a lot! xxx

      • Aw no problem! And yea no worries I didn’t fill mine out for a few days cuz I was busy too! Take your time 🙂 and good luck at work! Supermarkets suck especially the customers lol

      • Haha aw thankyou! And yeah, they do! You get your regular customers who tend to be lovely but you get some who even get angry if you say “have a nice day” when they leave! Can’t win! Lol x

  1. Pretty colour! Did you find it annoying? I touch my hair so much during the day that I’m scared to try a textured polish, ’cause I’ve heard they get caught….
    I adore Watermelon, it’s such a nice rich green without bordering on black. I’m tempted to try to make actual watermelon nails in the summer with Watermelon and Pomegranate! 😛

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