Trip to Toni and Guy…

Today I took a trip to the first high end salon I’ve ever been to – Toni and Guy, the same one that I went to with my friend Alice a couple of days ago.

I’d been feeling pretty disheartened about my hair lately, the colour just seemed too dark and lacklustre, my fringe was unmanageable, and my roots were shocking. I finished my degree yesterday, officially, and so I thought I’d treat myself!

I wanted to try out ombré hair for quite a while, however, my previous hairdresser basically did his own thing with my hair regardless of what I asked him to do! So I took the chance today, and came out with ombré with a difference!




Yes, pink dip dye! It’s feminine and summery and I adore it – so did the stylist! She asked if she could take pictures of it for her NVQ course and offered me a reduced price if I did – so naturally I said yes! It was still mega-expensive, but let’s not think about that…

My next job is to try out their oatmeal and honey shampoo and conditioner for myself – it smells AMAZING, but I doubt I can recreate the head massage that they give you! Heavenly. I need to use up my Tigi salon size bottles first, yes, they’re still going from February when I bought them!

What do you think? Have you ever fancied trying out a certain style but never got round to it?

Lots of love!
Pebblebee xoxo


13 thoughts on “Trip to Toni and Guy…

      • I’m not actually sure… I’ve just never had hair longer than an inch or two past my shoulders! I’m so jealous of all these girls with long hair who can do lots of interesting things! 😛

      • My hair is just below chin length currently and I’ve done so much stuff with mine! Your short hair is so much more versatile than you think! 🙂

  1. Wow it looks amazing! Kinda reminds me of the girl from Scott pilgrim! If your dont mind me asking how much did you pay? I would love to try out a high end salon at least once! And since my hair is a mess at the moment no better time than now lol

    • Ohh thankyou! People tell me I look like her now and again so that’s funny you should say! It was £113, with my discount, so quite expensive but definitely worth it! Bear in mind though, I had bleach, two colours and a cut so I had a LOT done! If you have ombré on top your natural colour it’ll be a lot cheaper! I’d definitely recommend Toni and Guy though, their stylists are amazing, really friendly and they know what theyre doing (you’d hope so wouldn’t you!). Plus their hair products smell AMAZING 🙂 x

      • Definitely! I think in US$ it would equate to around $130 but I could be wrong :). Definitely go in and have a consultation, I find they’re lovely 🙂 x

      • I think the dollar is close to double the price of a pound! So more like 200$!! It makes sense though because at this medium priced salon I go to now I pay like 50$ for a haircut! So a high end one would be more like 100 just for a cut! Ill check it out tho since like I said my hair is just a mess! All damaged and dull color blah

      • I personally always feel better about splashing out on hair, makeup and skincare than I do on clothes – I think that if you take care of those things, it’s something that’ll grow with you and pay you in the future, while clothes can rip, get too big or too small, etc 🙂 (of course it doesn’t stop me shopping, I’m DEFINITELY a topshop addict!). You should definitely have it done though, it’s one of those things everyone should experience at least once! x

  2. So pretty! That colour is amazing with your skin tone, you look so glowy! You look amazing 😀
    I’ve never been to a Toni and Guy salon, but I used to swear by their heat spray (so sad I ran out, they don’t seem to make it any more) and there’s one in Oxford, so I might try that next time I need a trim… I’m scared to go to the hairdressers at the moment, I’m growing my hair out and wherever I go they cut too much off!

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