Naughty little spree…

Hiiii guys! It’s me again!

Today I had my EU Law exam… The much dreaded and much maligned one! Before I went in I was convinced I’d fail, but once I started writing it started coming back to me :). To celebrate the fact that I NEVER have to do EU or Trusts law again, I had a naughty full fat Starbucks caramel hot chocolate (whipped cream, caramel sauce and the lot. So much yum!) and then toddled down the road to Space NK.

Nottingham’s Space NK is honestly one of my favourite shops. I used to pass it with trepidation wholeheartedly believing that I, in my comfy cosy winter ensemble of Law School hoody, shorts, tights and Ugg boots, was far too SU bar and nowhere near enough avant garde to set food in their pristine, shiny, halogen lit grounds. Even the glass door never has smudges on it! NEVER, and I more often than not have food on me somewhere. That all changed when one of my good friends from first year, Tabitha (who was the one I blame for getting me into high end beauty!) wanted to go in one day. She breezed through, all sleek, glowy and well put together, and I promptly fell over the step on the way in, almost taking out a Diptyque display in the process. Luckily, rather than throwing me out on my ear as I half expected they might, the ladies in the shop seemed to take a shine to me! Two years on and they still recognise me, ask me how I’m getting on with certain products, and ask how my course is.

Just goes to show, your money is as good as anyone else’s. Never let yourself feel out of place in a shop (I fell out with Zara for some time after having been followed by a security guard for the whole time I was in the shop, simply because my clothing wasn’t akin to that of their usual clientele (I was dressed rather goth at the time, which I think may have worried the security guard somewhat). And being a gangly, awkward and (at the time) shy student with serious co-ordination issues is endearing to some!

ANYWAY, I’ll stop rambling now!

I FINALLY invested in a NARS blush.. I know, I know, I’m late to the party! I got Orgasm, the original and the best! I almost went for Hari Mata, but it was far too similar to one I already had! I think the peachy, pinky, slightly coral-y (not doing very well semantically here am I?) shade will be perfect for summer and even more perfect with a tan on holiday!

Here it is in its packaging, with a couple of samples the lovely lady who looks after me in there gave me, and…


Here it is in all its glory!

Secondly, I got a couple of rococo nail varnishes – one for myself and one as part of a get well soon survival pack for my lovely sister who isn’t very well at all at the minute! (Also included in this pack was 2x bags of sweets, a box of 4 cupcakes from Johnnie Cupcakes in Victoria Centre, and Look, Heat, Reveal and Grazia magazines) – even if I feel like death warmed up painting my nails pretty colours always cheers me up!



Don’t you just love the little boxes they come in!
My sister’s gift is the sunny bronze one at the bottom, and my own choice is the pastel green at the top – it swatches to a stunning, slightly greyed pistachio shade, I think it’s called “A Hint of Envy”. I love the formula of rococo nail varnishes – they go on smooth, need two coats maximum for complete opaqueness and don’t budge for ages! Have you guys tried Rococo? How do you find it? I’m majorly lusting after the gold leaf topcoat… Maybe after payday!

Anyway, as you now know, I’m new to NARS!
Any suggestions for other products/brands I should try are welcome!

All my love,
Pebblebee xo


4 thoughts on “Naughty little spree…

  1. I know exactly what you mean about feeling awkward in high-end shops – especially ones with staffed beauty counters. I feel like they know I don’t have the money to buy things! I’m loving using Sleek’s Rose Gold, which is supposedly a dupe for Orgasm, so I have a feeling you’re going to get on great with this 😀

      • Oh my god thankyou so much, that means such a lot! I’m going to be blogging a LOT more over the summer 🙂 even considering starting a VLOG and doing some makeup tutorials – one of my friends really struggles with her skin and I managed to do her makeup so her skin looked flawless, and she’s suggested tutorials.. So yeah! Is there anything you’d like to see me post about more or any criticisms? Any ideas are good ideas! I love your blog too! x

    • I might do a full post completely dedicated to it! Lol! It happens to me all the time, funnily enough when im dressed up I get treated a lot nicer! ALTHOUGH the staffed beauty counters in Boots in Victoria Centre in Nottingham are AMAZING, can’t do enough for you, especially the ladies on the Clarins and Chanel counter 🙂 x

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