Clarins Haul!

So as some of you may or may not know, Clarins is my all time favourite skincare brand. Every time I pass their counter in the Nottingham Victoria Centre Boots I get tempted by all the classy packaging, sweet, floral and fruity scents and new products that seem to be emerging all the time!

Today was mostly a day of EU Law revision, punctuated by going to accompany my gorgeous friend Alice to her hair appointment at Toni and Guy (it was her first time having her hair coloured so she needed a little moral support!), booking myself in for a cut and colour (first time I’ve ever been to a high end salon, eeeep!), and eating – firstly a working lunch from Pret a Manger and then a quick dinner at Revolution. BUT, amidst the chaos, we managed to find time to pop into Boots, and that’s when my advantage card took over…


This is what I came out with!

I had originally set out to buy the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer, after having run out of my beloved Benefit Porefessional and having seen this Clarins one raved about on many a beauty blog, however, the fantastic and very helpful lady who always seems to be working on the Clarins counter whenever I need something told me that if I bought two items, one of them skincare, I’d also receive 3 miniatures of my choice and a gift bag absolutely free. Anyone who knows Clarins will also know that their miniatures are NOT exactly miniature, so this was an offer I couldn’t pass up!

I asked the lovely lady behind the counter what she would recommend for my skin type, as I already use the Daily Energisers range and a LOT of other stuff! She pointed me in the direction of two products I’d never tried before – the Gentle Foaming Cleanser and the Pure and Radiant Mask. So naturally, I picked up both!

So there you go blogosphere, I only actually paid for THREE of these items! (The lady in Boots I am referring to is really generous with samples and is an absolute darling, she has no qualms at all about chucking you a load of freebies, especially if you’re a regular customer!)

The items I chose for my free gift are:
– Water Purify One-Step Cleanser (this, on a cotton wool pad, is all you need! Miracle product, honestly, and perfect to take on holiday with me)

– Beauty Flash Balm (again, useful for the holiday! But I’ve also heard this raved about by various beauty blogs and so thought I’d see what the fuss was about)


– One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser! (Smells gorgeous and again, is perfect for my holiday!)

My lovely Clarins friend also gave me a little “mini treats” bag containing a tiny bottle of the Multi Active Day cream, and the Extra Firming Botanical Serum – neither are products that I have tried before and although they are anti ageing you really can never start too early. I also got a tiny sachet of Skin Illusion mineral foundation in this bag, however, foundation samples are usually too dark for my corpse-like complexion, so my mum might end up with that one!

She also recommended the new Double Serum that they have been championing, and although I am intrigued, it is £56 a bottle, and not an amount I would like to pay for something that may not even work for my skin. She was very understanding and threw in 4 sample sachets of the serum so I could try it out first – only one is pictured here, thought 4 might be a bit indulgent!

Finally, here’s the lovely bag I got with my free gifts…


It’s orange and pink and so summery it hurts! It’ll be great as a beach bag or even as an overnight bag when I go to stop with the fella!

What are your favourite Clarins purchases? Is there anything you think I should try for my combination/normal skin, or do you have an ultimate holy grail product? Let me know!


9 thoughts on “Clarins Haul!

    • Three things I firmly believe in investing in are makeup, haircare and skincare, because the way your skin and hair look can make or break the prettiest of clothes, and it’s always good to take care of them! They’ll be with you for life where clothes can rip, they can become too big or too small, or ill fitting. Your skin and hair are the things that will fit you perfectly for life :). I can definitely recommend clarins, the consultations are brilliant and they really do tailor everything to your skin type! Don’t be afraid to just go to ask for samples! They’re really cool about the fact that no one really has the money to spend on things they aren’t sure will work for them, and if you carry on with the samples and really fall in love with them, you can always make a decision whether or not to buy full-sized later :). Timing was everything here – those little holiday miniatures are worth a fair bit themselves! 🙂 x

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