Painted lady

Blogosphere – today I got my first tattoo!

It’s of a feather, behind my ear, and is based on a design I’ve had in mind since I was 16. As most of you who have read my blog for a long time will know, I’m training to be a lawyer – a barrister to be precise. I’ve had lots of knock-backs that should have made me give up, and so far I’ve seen them all off, coming out of it a little stronger and wiser than before.

This feather is to remind me that the sky really is the limit, and to keep going even when things are hard because finding your wings is just as difficult.

It also has a bit more of a sad meaning to me. My granddad who I loved dearly passed away in my first year of university. He always had a story that if you ever feel alone and find a feather, it means your guardian angel is looking out for you. I found one on the day he passed away, the day of his funeral, and the day I went into hospital for surgery. I wish he was here to see my proudest moments – my graduation, my first court case, my wedding day, my children – so this is my way of knowing my granddad, my guardian angel, is always here.

Here’s a picture of my tattoo – excuse the redness but it was about 5 minutes old – next one will be an anchor on my foot to remind me to never forget my family and my friends, no matter where I go in life, and to always stay grounded.

Let me know what you think :3



2 thoughts on “Painted lady

    • Aw thankyou! Yeah it does mean a lot, just glad I finally got it done after umming and ahhing for the past 3 years! You’d be surprised, it didn’t hurt much at all – apart from the bit at the bottom of my ear, that stung! Literally just felt like a bee sting and isn’t sore now at all :3. Really happy with it 🙂 do

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