A mega apology…

This is a little apology post as I’ve not been blogging very much at all lately! I’ve been snowed under with uni work (last deadline for a little while is tomorrow, phew!) and it was my birthday on April 10th so it’s been a very busy time! In addition I’ve been bunging in the hours at work to try to pay off my holiday (Dominican in June, eep!) and generally being a very busy bee.

I promise I’ll resume blogging again, we have a lot to catch up on blogosphere, including my 21st birthday, my illamasqua Easter sale spree, my purchase of a gorgeous pair of much-lusted after Jeffrey Campbells, how I’m getting on with my nails, Kate Nash and why feminism isnt a naughty f word anymore, and my foray into HD brows today.. Trust me, it’s magic.

Much love from me, nick (the fella), my very doting parents (who gave me the best 21st EVER), and my currently poorly puppy! (ear infection, vet says he’ll be fine in a week or so!).

Pebble XO


2 thoughts on “A mega apology…

    • Thankyou so much! It’s not like turning 20, much less depressing! Enjoy it. It only happens once and it’s always lovely to be made a fuss of! Have a brilliant birthday 🙂 xx

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