Meet the love of my life…

I’m lucky enough to have in my life someone who will never judge me, who is always happy to see me, is never too busy for a cuddle, and loves me unconditionally… His name is Hurley, and he is my 9 month old Lhasa Apso puppy.

He’s the absolute love of my life, I couldn’t be without him, and he’s essentially my baby.

I thought it was high time I introduced you all to him!

Heres his own little top ten facts…
1. His favourite food is cheese
2. He’s a kennel club registered pedigree
3. He’s a brindle coated Lhasa and he doesn’t shed (which is great for my athsma)
4. He watches tv
5. He doesn’t bark, except for a short sharp bark if he hears someone at the door. He talks a lot though, if he wants to be let out or in he grumbles and mumbles to himself.
6. He sleeps for the vast majority of the day, and loves a cuddle
7. He loves people and other dogs, although he has an annoying habit of climbing on heads. Little man syndrome!
8. He has an underbite, which sticks out, so it looks like he’s always smiling
9. He knows his toys by name and will fetch them if you ask him
10. He is tiny, only coming up to a third of the way up my calf, and his best friend is Charlie, the St Bernard who goes to our puppy class. Charlie is stomach height on me. It is literally little and large.

And what would a post about a puppy be without pictures? He’s a real poser!

This was taken on the day we brought him home. We went to visit him, and it was love at first sight. He was 8 weeks old in this picture

This was taken last night, he likes to sleep near to you if he can, so we shared a makeshift bed last night. Woke up to him licking my face and wagging his tail, very sweet!

This was taken after his haircut! He smiles for the camera…
It’s official, I’m turning into a crazy dog lady!
Do you lovely lot have pets? If so send us some pictures – lets make this a pet-post!

Lots of love,
Pebble XO (and Hurley!)


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