Nailing the Issue – part 2!

Here you go blogosphere! I hate to admit I’m really struggling to type with them, but I’ll get used to them soon enough!

These beauties were done at the Beauty Room in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire!


They’re extensions with calgel overlay, grey gelish colour and glitter dip-dye! Calgel is meant to help with nail growth so we’ll see :). This is the longest I’ve ever had my nails and I love them!

I was really nervous going in to have them done thanks to a bad experience with a manicurist in Mansfield – for reference for all you manicure virgins out there, if your cuticles are cut so far back that they bleed, it is not normal even if you’ve never had a mani before! That’s something I wish I’d known! The ladies at the beauty room however were really supportive considering how nervous I was, really made me feel at home, and explained everything that was being done. I came out feeling gorgeous and pampered, which a visit to a salon should always do!

Anyway, over the moon with these! Hopefully I’ll get my own nails as nice as these in the future! What do you think?

(here’s another quick cheeky picture!)

Love from Pebble XO


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