Out with the mould, in with the new

So not long ago I moved my bed to adjust the memoryfoam (I always seem to move the mattress away from the headboard in the night), and I found something awful.

Mould. Thick, black mould. The paint I had lovingly applied was peeling off and it was clearly rising. How I hadn’t noticed it before was beyond me, and then it dawned.

There was just too much stuff in my room for me to notice. I’m a self confessed hoarder, I hardly ever have the heart to throw things out, broken, torn, stained, even cards from exes (I know, how bad is that!) because everything holds a memory like the person who might have given it to you as a gift, or a place you went, or something you saw before life changed and people changed and you found yourself more than a toe into the deep end. Im also a fully paid up member of the Club of It Might Come In Useful Someday.

But I saw for myself that day that a stack of 70 old magazines (and more in a box on top of my wardrobe) doesn’t hold any memories. It’s just stuff. You get your money’s worth when you read them and that is essentially it. I also realised that keeping makeup for over 3 years in various hideyholes around my room wouldn’t be good for my health or living space.

I started to clear everything out.
Wardrobes were emptied, clothes were sorted into “don’t wear anymore”, “love it but doesn’t fit”, and “keeping forever” and the ones that fell into the first two categories were found new, good homes. Makeup was gone through, some was thrown out and I rediscovered old favourites and put them back into my everyday makeup routine. A couple of sets I gave to my sister as she loves makeup almost as much as I do. Hair products of times gone by were ravaged and 90% of the magazines were donated to local doctors surgeries, for the general publics perusal, and to a workmate of my dads who is currently laid up following intensive cancer treatment.

The cards from my exes are gone. Some things are better kept in the past. Some things, like DVDs, that I don’t use regularly but still want to keep, are up in the loft so I can still get to them if I want to.

And you know something? I feel better. Turned over a new leaf sort of better. It will take around 3 days to sort the mould and get rid of it for good, after which my health should be better too. My life is in boxes and I can see everything very clearly for the first time in a long time. I had been hanging onto the old for too long to let the new in completely. New relationships, new friends, new career path.

And I never would have known had it not been for those pesky spores. Who’dve thought it, eh.


3 thoughts on “Out with the mould, in with the new

    • Yes, it is :). It’s been very freeing. I think that, coupled with blogging, has made me come out of my shell more. To think people I’ve never met are enjoying what I write is pretty cool! I’ve still got a lot to clear out though! Lol I have boxes and boxes, but definitely not relinquishing my cuddly penguins. They are here to stay!

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