Today’s tiny haul!

Today I had to go into town for a meeting with my dissertation tutor, and I had no other lectures or seminars I decided to do a spot of shopping! Firstly I picked up a few books from Blackwells on campus (I have to take an aptitude test soon to get onto the BPTC postgrad course, so I need to start cramming for it!)
Just in case anyone is going through the same trauma, here are the books I’m using (there are a couple in there to help with my dissertation too!)


I have about a million and one gift cards and mum had asked me to pick up some menthol crystals as the house is more often than not riddled with cold, so boots was my next port of call. They didn’t actually have any menthol crystals so I’m probably going to pop in again tomorrow, but here is what I did come out with!

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara

I bought this after a Chanel recommendation by Joanna Loves (find her blog on here), and I have to say, this is a miracle product. Here’s my lashes (on one eye) before…

Excuse the brows! They need doing and at the mo they are literally like a second fringe!
Here are both my eyes after…

It looks like you’re wearing false lashes, and I didn’t even curl mine! This is great for girls who want massive, fat lashes, however it might not be for those who want a more everyday look! The formula is gorgeous and doesn’t clump at all.

Philosophy Christmas Cookie

This was a huge bargain as it was originally a Christmas limited edition, normally these are £14, I got this one for £7. If you’ve never tried Philosophy products, you definitely should! They’re strongly scented and there is a scent for any taste, floral, fruity or sweet. I personally love things that smell like food, and so thanks to my “Have a Cherry Christmas” philosophy shower gel (which is divine, I love it dearly) being very close to running out, I thought id better pick this one up at half price! If you go to your local boots (smaller ones don’t stock it, definitely go to one that stocks the diffusion lines), you may find one too! It smells like a Krispy Kreme shop to me, and I look forward to using it!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

As you all now know, I’m making a conscious decision to grow my nails, and am booked in for gel extensions on Friday! Yay! I’ve heard however that even Calgel (which is what I’m having) can make your nails weak, so I decided to pick this up to combat the effects! The nicer my nails look and the stronger they are, the less inclined I’ll be to nibble (hopefully!). I’ve heard good things about Sally Hansen and so I thought I’d give it a go. If you have any more tips or tricks let me know!

Last stop was Paperchase and Hotel Chocolat (I can’t post what I got from Paperchase as they are presents for my friends 21st birthday, and shes likely to read this!), however, here is what I got from Hotel Chocolat (for myself!)… Bad pebble!

Love-Me-Do Amaretto Marzipans

Now I’m assuming by the name that these were a Valentines chocolate, however, I hope they stick around! They were handing out samples in the shops, which was dangerous – as soon as I tried one I had to have some! They’re delicious, amaretto is my favourite drink, and the marzipan isn’t as overpowering as it can be. Absolutely delicious.

Salted Caramel Puddles

It’s not my fault officer! Brit at sofarsogood made me do it! She got me addicted to these when we went Christmas shopping in meadowhall, and I can’t walk past Hotel Chocolat without buying some now! Salted caramel is one of my favourite things ever – I wish Starbucks still did the salted caramel flavour!

I also bought my mum some caramel liquorice chocolates, which she loves, in return for making a card for my aforementioned friends birthday (she’s incredible), and bought the friend in question an eton mess block – yum!

I’m off to a Nottingham Forest football match tonight with my dad, I can’t wait, I haven’t been since I was about 15 and I’m itching for a pasty and a footy-brew! Always loved football and always will – sucks I have to work on Saturdays so I miss most of their games.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely day!
Pebblebee XO


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