Mini Movie Reviews!

So the day before Valentines Day, and on the day itself, my boyfriend managed to wangle the days off! On the Wednesday he met my friend Alice and I in Nottingham city centre as I had Uni in he morning and he had a dentist appointment – he ended up running late so Alice and I took refuge from the snow in a record shop, going on a vinyl scented treasure hunt.

Well, when we eventually met up, we went to Revolution for lunch, and then went on to see Wreck It Ralph. Long story short – amazing. I’d heard a lot of my work colleagues talk about it and say how good it was, and what with me being a complete sucker for a good animated film (as is my fella), we decided that we should definitely go to see it. We weren’t disappointed. The characters were cute and relatable (I don’t know how I felt like I could relate to a cartoon with massive smashy hands but I just did), the plot was hilarious with a lot of those little gems that are innuendos (that would go straight over kids heads), and on a nerdier level, the music and cinematography was brilliant! 10/10, although I did get a little emotional! I’m so soppy at films I even refuse to watch Marley and me because I can just see myself having an emotional breakdown! Go and see it, if you haven’t already! Heartwarming story that I just can’t fault.

On valentines day itself after waking up late and going for a cheeky McDonald’s, we went to see Warm Bodies. This is a new-wave zombie film starring Nicholas Hoult (who you might remember from the original UK version of skins). This is based on the book of the same name (which I would definitely recommend), and is rated 12, which initially disappointed me as although I’m not gore-mad, I felt that a lot of the main pivotal moments in the book would be cut out due to the age restriction, although there are some brutal moments that hark back to the book, which definitely improved what could have been an unnecessarily tame film. The book and film are both narrated by the zombie Hoult, which gives a surprising empathetic edge to his character. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a likeable zombie. Basically, I loved it, all of the cast were fantastic, and aside from the lack of gore, I can’t really fault it.

You’ll notice I haven’t told you the plots of either film, and that is because I want you all to go and see them! They’re both brilliant films, and worth a watch.

I had a lovely valentines day, had a delivery of 12 long stemmed red roses in the morning from my lovely boyfriend, along with chocolates, and after the film we cooked a 3 course dinner together, and opened a bottle of champagne. I genuinely can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a day.

Hope you all had lovely valentines days too!

Pebblebee XO


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