Soulville Steakhouse

So as anyone who follows my adventures regularly (over the past two days ha) you will recall I promised you a review on where my friends and I went to eat last night – Soulville steakhouse in town! Now I only really eat fish (not for any ethical reasons just because I don’t really like meat), so I was a little apprehensive about what was going to be on the menu! Turns out I needn’t have worried!

It’s a lovely restaurant, very well decorated, with the most lovely winding staircase and playing the best Motown and soul music out! The staff were really friendly, making us feel relaxed and that nothing was too much trouble. They were very attentive too without being overpowering as some places are! Although I seem to have this thing where when a server approaches to ask how the meal is, I always have my mouth full which results in me either chewing furiously looking like a cow on LSD, or choking and spluttering an answer! Anyone else get that or is it just me?

Shenda and I had Brie filo parcels to start, which were absolutely delicious, and the others had a mixed platter between them which they seemed to enjoy. The portion sizes were huge! Mind you, I’m not complaining, I love cheese!

There wasn’t a long wait between the starter and the main, for which I had Cajun spiced tuna. I didn’t realise however that the fish also came as a steak and it was quite rare in the middle which I didn’t enjoy as much as if it had been cooked through. It was only a little bit though which I left, the rest was delicious.

Here’s an example of Shenda’s veggie option of goats cheese and Alice’s steak..



Some of the others decided not to have dessert, Alice and Lauren shared a sundae which they said was really good, and I, because I can never pass up a good pudding, had chocolate fudge cake and mint chocolate icecream. Absolutely delicious, thick fudgy sauce and nicely warm.

Then after we’d stuffed ourselves to bursting, we waddled back up to Slug and Lettuce on Foreman’s Walk and made the most of two for one cocktails! Here’s a hint – try a pornstar martini, they’re vanilla-ey and orangey and utterly lush! I went home tipsy, woke up this morning still full, and without a painful head. Definitely a good night!

Oh and for the record (they’ll probably kill me) here’s a photo of my girls! Apart from Shenda, she’s majorly camera shy.




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