So today was the day I took the plunge and actually tried out the tigi tween extreme straight set I bought two days ago. So this morning Nick got up at around 7:45 to get ready for work, I set to making his lunch, and then waited for him to finish in the shower so I could hop in while he ate breakfast and dried his hair etc. I’d been looking forward to trying this new product out, especially having sniffed it in store. Upon discovering the scent to be akin to vanilla pudding with a hint of orange spritz, it was a must have. I LOVE things that smell like food.

So yeah, I hopped into the shower (he’d very kindly left the hot water running which was a treat to get into), and after activating the pumps (one of my favourite things about tigi products is the dispenser) and putting some shampoo in my hand the scent literally filled the room.

Actually washing my hair with it was really nice, I hate insipid shampoos that don’t yield any lather, but the bubbles from this one were heavily scented, thick, soft and foamy, which again, another tick! I’m a firm believe in lather, rinse, repeat, but luckily a little went a very long way!

Moving on to the conditioner, it smelt just as nice as the shampoo and again was a very thick formula. I prefer conditioners to be thick as well as I actually like to notice what they’ve done to my hair, and this really hit the mark.

After that, as per usual, I towel dried my hair and then used 8-9 drops of kitoko argan oil, as well as bumble and bumble styling heat protect spray before drying, and crikey, there was a serious difference! Not only was my hair super shiny, it had little to no flyaways and dried almost straight. The little kinks I had to straighten out gave in without much of a fight too.

All in all it’s a perfect set, and for the bargain price I got it for you can’t go wrong! I imagine the bottles will last me around two months, as long as the boy doesn’t steal any! Really impressed with this product, and I think you guys would love it too!


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