The secret life of TK Maxx

So I have the aforementioned Brit (and more to the point her lovely boyfriend Sam) to thank for divulging to me the best kept secret of the UK high street! During a shopping trip to Birmingham shortly before Christmas and a shopping trip to Nottingham yesterday, we visited TK Maxx. Now, I have nothing against TK Maxx but, like with Primark and vintage shops, I have to be in the mood to go in. As with the other examples there seems to be no real rhyme or reason to how the shop is laid out, and I tend to prefer order rather than a rummage.

HOWEVER, far from venturing into the deepest recesses of hangers and shoe racks yesterday on our visit to TK Maxx, we made a beeline straight for the makeup and toiletries stands. If you know what you’re looking for, it can be a very sensible thing to do! This is what I came out with yesterday…



I couldn’t believe that they stocked products such as this at such a huge discount! The extreme straight set were unfortunately individual bottles rather than a tween, however, they were salon size, RRP around £25 each, I got them for £10 each.

The OPI set was marked up at RRP £35, and sold for £20 in the store.
Now if they aren’t bargains I don’t know what is!

As I said, if you know what you’re looking for it can be quite profitable!
So far I haven’t yet tried the tigi set, however it smells like vanilla pudding, and I swatched each colour on each finger of the varnishes. I think my favourites so far are Lincoln park after dark, I’m not really a waitress, tickle my France-y, and red lights ahead. The others are lovely too, however, alpine snow and bubble bath would be more suited for a French mani!

I’m wearing I’m not really a waitress right now, in preparation for a trip to a vintage lock in later tonight (turns out I’m in the mood for a rummage, especially with free drinks and a dj!) – as it turns out it matches the jumper I’m wearing PERFECTLY.

Not only do they do OPI and Tigi, two of my all time favourite brands, but they also do skincare brands such as rodial, and this works. It’s definitely worth a trip, some shops have wider selections than others and it can be a little hit and miss, but it’s great for last minute gifts and little treats!

You’re welcome, blogosphere.



4 thoughts on “The secret life of TK Maxx

    • They had rockaholic product too which made me feel so nostalgic for back when I had my Mohawk! Thankfully I no longer have it, mad colours are now my rebellious statements ha. XO

    • I love all of them! Except for alpine snow and bubble bath which are a bit insipid on their own but perfect for a French mani! Such a good find. Wearing I’m not really a waitress right now :3.

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