The false lash conundrum

So for most of my life I’ve been scared to death of wearing false lashes mainly because there’s always the thought in the back of my head that it’s relatively likely I will look like a camel.

I have really big eyes and so I can pull off thicker styles but it genuinely feels like such a minefield at times. I never realised there was so many rules and regulations about application! For example, why do beauty magazines and bloggers always recommend leaving the glue to go tacky before applying? This might just be the talk of a novice, but I genuinely find it easier to just pop them on while the glue is wet and then wiggle them around until I get a decent placement, then just hold them in place while the glue dries. Is it just me?

There’s another conundrum at work here – where is the best place to get them? Call me a cheapskate, but for a product that is only usable to a maximum of ten times (if you really look after them and keep them sterile they do last this long) is it worth paying high-end prices? (I keep mine clean with a cotton wool bud and contact lense cleaner)

I’ve been intrigued about MAC lashes for a while but they seem expensive for what they are, and I found revlon beyond natural lashes to be good dupes, and the newest range by bourjois seems nice too.

What I have found, however, is that urban decay lashes are definitely worth the money. They’re interesting shapes and last forever! I also fancy trying paperself, I’ve heard food things about them! Has anyone tried them?



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