Existentialism and curry…

So my boyfriend took me out for dinner tonight to one of our favourite restaurants, tamatanga. If you know Nottingham at all, it’s on trinity square, near the car park, at the back of the corner house. It’s definitely worth a visit!

Well when we were sat there eating our regular order (chicken tikka masala x2, chilli fries and chilli cheese naan bread) we noticed a fella sat on his own on one of the benches outside the restaurant. It looked like he was wearing shorts, and because it was bitterly cold we were confused, laughed a little and didn’t pay him much more attention until he stood up. He wasn’t wearing shorts. It was a hoody that was far too small to wrap round himself. He had no trousers or underwear on. This was the point we began to get concerned.

We sat for a while and kept an eye on him as we ate. People were walking past like he just wasn’t there. He was completely invisible. He began talking to himself and we saw him as vulnerable. The distress on his face was clear, and it made me question why I was still sat doing nothing. I didn’t feel comfortable going outside to him, but mentioned the situation to our server who agreed with us, and went to fetch her manager to go and check on him.

She later came back in after speaking to him, told us he was fine but didn’t want to go into details about how he came to be in the state he was in. He moved on soon after. Embarrassment, mental health issues, who knows. But at least I tried to help.

I still can’t stop thinking about what I saw, my boyfriend even ruefully said “if the shops were still open, I’d buy him a pair of trousers” I have no doubt that he would.

It got me to thinking, how many more invisible people are there? If we all took half a hour to sit and eat a curry and people watch, what else would we see? And would we try to help? I think if we did, the world would be a better place and people would be a lot less scared of each other.

Make tomorrow the day you do a good deed. Talk to someone elderly on the bus. They love the company. If someone is short on change with their shopping, chuck them a 50p. Give someone a tissue if you see them sneezing or give someone who looks lost directions. Keep an eye out for the invisible people because maybe one day you could be invisible too.


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