Desperately seeking Westwood…

So yesterday I went into Nottingham (my home city FYI) with the aforementioned Brit, and we made the fatal mistake of wandering into Vivienne Westwood’s flagship store on Flying Horse Walk.

Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE the shop (which always inexplicably smells like baking), the staff are genuinely lovely, but they seem to have the best of every collection in there which is really depressing when you have literally no money. I did however splash out a bit in the sales (the only time I can actually afford any Viv – as the local ladies fondly refer to her). I got this…


It is beautiful, merino wool and cashmere and is probably, aside from my faithful Nissan micra, Aggie, the most extravagant thing I have ever purchased for myself. It was about £260 in the sale. For anyone who wants a FROW wardrobe on a BROW budget, then seriously get yourselves down to the sales while they’re on! So worth it, and if you can get a purse for £30 it’s never a bad thing!

However, when I went yesterday I went cold when my eyes landed upon these (the purse I saw was exactly the same as the one pictured except a beautifully cloudy duck-egg blue..




Now I know the first two are essentially the same thing but I can’t even.. The style and the subtle frill of them is gorgeous and for some time has been my favourite style of VW bag.

I tend to go for cross-body styles more than the arm-crook, as I live in constant fear of leaving my bag on the bus or tram, as far as I’m concerned anything that isn’t firmly affixed to me may not be safe. Also what with how many gigs I go to, the small cross-body models are the most convenient to keep close and not lose – there’s just about enough room for a purse, phone and lipstick, which is more than enough for me!

So here’s my cautionary tale, Edgar Allen Poe stylee. If you should venture in when the new lines have just been added, don’t take a credit card. The temptation is far too great, and luckily for me I only ever use mine for online purchases and so have forgotten my PIN number.

It was definitely a close escape.


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